How to install FiSHLiM on Mac OS X

If it doesn't work, let me know so I can update the instructions. I don't use Mac myself so I can't test. I made the instructions from an e-mail conversation with a very patient user :)

1. Install Fink

Install Fink.

2. Install packages

Type this in a terminal:

fink install glib2-dev openssl100-dev

3. Install development files for XChat plugins

Save this header file in your home directory. Then type this in a terminal:

mkdir /usr/include/xchat
cp ~/xchat-plugin.h /usr/include/xchat/

4. Edit the Makefile

Replace the following line:

$(CC) -shared -undefined suppress -flat_namespace $(OURLINKFLAGS) $(PLUGIN_OBJECTS) -o $@

5. Install FiSHLiM

You should now have everything needed to compile FiSHLiM. Download and unpack the source code. Type this into a terminal (change ~/fishlim-master to the place where you unpacked the source):

cd ~/fishlim-master
sudo make install

6. Done

Start XChat and set up your keys with /setkey secret