FiSHLiM is a XChat / HexChat plugin for FiSH IRC encryption. It's my attempt at making a simple and lightweight plugin for this encryption protocol. FiSHLiM is 100% free and open source software!

WARNING: FiSH encryption is not secure. See the security section below.

NOTE: A modified version of FiSHLiM is now bundled with HexChat. If you use HexChat you should generally not install this plugin (and if you do you need to remove the bundled version of FiSHLiM).



Not working:

If you need feature 1-3 you should try out this FiSH plugin in Python. Or even better, write a patch for FiSHLiM ;)

Security warning!

FiSH encrypts your messages in ECB mode (in other words, in independent blocks). If the same block appears two times it will be encrypted the same way both times.

So, never give untrusted people unencrypted chat logs if they also have the encrypted version! Then they can decrypt the messages if they appear again. Also, it's possible to make statistical attacks or replay attacks. A better encryption mode will be implemented later! [do . n0t . click here]